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yeah, except, he ahs to do it as a fugative. and also, mo's son's father is actually the guy who killed mo who killed her because of some reason that i can't think of right now. and when you find the son, he's reluctant to help you and doesn't believe mo's dead. but sooner or later you convince him and he helps you find his father who he thinks can help and neither of you know that he's the one who killed mo. and his father just so happens to be Ripburgers son who is after the corley Motors Empire so he can make Mini Vans which are actually hi tech vans that can smuggle weapons into the country undetected to sell to a hoverbike company who is planning to start a full out war against the motor bikers of america in order to get rid of wheeled bikes, and bring in hover bikes. and then the ending, motor bikers versus hover bikers, who will win?

of course, for that to happen, mo would have to die, and we wouldn't want that now would we?

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