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i thought Cracken wanted cracken to die

Name: Irvine Cracken
Age: 23
sex: Male
Force abilties: Force sentitive, may or may not learn strength ability.
light/dark: Relitively Dark
weapons currently: Dual Semi-auto Blasters, unwareinglt uses force for dead-on aiming at any distence and position he's in (like in holocuast he shot all the lights out in the hanger behind his back)
Weapons soon: Dual Ligthsabers, Blue, identical to Crackens execpt for crystal color red?, and with surpressed saber skills maybe cracken tuaght him when irvine was child b4 cracken left. Currently locked in silver box with Chimera symbol on it.

Name: Ivan Cracern
Age: 56
sex: Male
No force abilty
Short disc: Old Galatic War hero, currently a Council Member of the Imperical Council.

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