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*Irvine's shuttle zips out of hyperspace and into the atmosphere of Tatoonie. Irvine then launches his orbital survalence pods. then uses them to scout out a place to land...*

Irvine: "Ah, yes an abandoned airfield, ill and there."

*Irvine plots a stealth approch and lands on the airfield, eventually opening up a bunker and placing his freighter inside*

okay, cantina is in wrong place that i thought ^__^

Irvine: 'i better go into town, get a drink or something, maybe i can get something for this case, too bad i cant open it. Damn force protected lock or soemthing.' *glares at Silver Case, then puts it in his trenchcoat along with his blasters and some Money*


*An Imperial Council meeting has been immetately been held*

Ivan: "Fellow Council Members i have recieved reports of the Crimson Star being destroyed and the Crimson Star II which most of you haven't even been told of, we have lost contact. More Importantly The son of Lord Cracken was reported to be on teh Crimson Star II overseeing the project."

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