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Name: Taklin Flax

Rank: Space Marshal

Age: 47

Abilities: Jedi Master

Weapons: Long barreled blaster pistol, Silver Lightsaber.

Bio: Aproximatly 6 foot tall, 12 stone. Dark brown hair, intense hazal eyes, even features. Son of Kelren Flax, a hero of the Clone Wars Taklin had a sister Mily. Mily was killed, along with her husband and two sons when a TieGT bombed their house in retaliation for a Rebal uprising on Aguma. Tak met Sophae Windrider after defending her transport from bombers. Six months later, after the battle of Yavin Tak finally asked her out. They were were married and had three Children. Hal, Mierra and Kale. Flax draws much of his confidence and drive from his wife.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!
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