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((OOS: @Scar: If you choose to have Holocaust Irvine in this RPG then you're going to eventually have to take him out of the spinoff early. Not for a while, but within two years out of the twenty - hence if we go to another dimension, he'll be left behind, AND he won't be able to reappear for the rest of the spinoff. So you'll need a new character after he's gone. Which won't happen for a while most likely, but I'm just warning you))

Rwos: Yes, interesting indeed...*glancing at the holoscreens ((not TVs Scar ))* Apparently Cracken had a change of heart. My own sources tell me that the Remnant is likely to side will welcome Cracken's new peace agenda, and the other will inititate break from him. It will be much less of a threat, however. My sources, however, have also told me of some...interdimensional activity that demands my attention. So I may have to leave again soon.

*muses a moment*

Furro never told us what happened to Ken'atra. I guess we can safely assume he and his family will live "happily ever after".

And without the Holocaust destroying its hiding place, the Time Matrix can pass from all memory again till the end of time.


*Across the galaxy, Starr Hailfire exits hyperspace above Corellia*

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