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((OOS: For lack of Death to reply, gonna cut this part short))

*after waiting several minutes, Rwos manages to set off the teleporter, which simply appears in his hand*

Rwos: Odd...

*Rwos' communications device beeps and he receives a message* Interesting...the trio of children seems to have commandeered the ship and escaped with it. The captives on it were let out at a police center. Nothing left for us to do here.

I guess those kids really *didn't* need my protection. *shrugs*

The girl we came here for has dissappeared again. We got her ID, however. Her name is Marin, and she's the daughter of an important consular who has some dealings in your dimension. Her father seems confident she will find a way home.

I'm interested in what she was doing in that docking bay on Coruscant, though...

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