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approx twenty-five redwing, not two. Remember the Irvine in c7 was in his late fourties

Irvine tells a small lie: "I've been to couresant before, im just doing a little business, thats all. How ever, I did want to find someting whom could get this lock opened on this case." *Uses his right hand to pull out the silver case, while keeping the left holding to the gun still.* "It was given to me a long time ago, theres no way to pick the lock, since theres no key hole, I figured it had to do something with the force." *Irvine shows the Silver lightsaber case to Kioet, but mistakenly is able to be viewed by the regulars (the cantiners), which also shows the family insigna of the Chimera clawing two lightsabers.*

Irvine: "So what do you think?"
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