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((OOS: Deac, since you're gonna be gone for three days, how about we insert the events of 'new rpg' in this time gap. Remember, when Deac writes his biography, and the Shadows and Marin show up?

Maybe Deac could have just published his biography since he got back, and when he goes back to Tatooine, then Reletha launches the asteroid. ^_^

@Scar: The timeline that makes up the Holocaust lasts only twenty years. So if Irvine left at the end of the timeline, he would be in his early forties, I suppose. I was referring to an earlier post of yours when I said "two years".

I'm going to go with the flow and re-introduce Rwos, as well as Starr.))

Name: Termand Se'enth Rwos
Age: 70+ (35+ in human years)
Race: Gargoyle
Abilities: Since Cantina 1 Rwos has gained:
The ability to regenerate body parts
The ability to control his stone sleep like a normal gargoyle
Increased magical ability (since the end of C7)
A working teleporter
Besides that, he can still fly and is possessed of great strength and enhanced senses, like a normal gargoyle.
Bio: Termand Rwos is from the magical plane of the planet Earth. He belongs to an organization that guards dimensional travel (as well as interfering in other things) called Blades. Rwos came to this dimension out of necessity, got driven mad and trapped here, then finally managed to fix his teleporter and leave, but not before making several attachments that he didn't want to abandon. For example, a friendship with Deac Starkiller. Rwos feels a special responsibility to this dimension akin to his own. The other Blades disapprove greatly of this, but as Rwos is extremely high in the heirarchy, he is currently able to carry on his actions with impunity.

Name: Starr Hailfire
Age: Early twenties
Race: Human
Abilities: Starr can double as an excellent mercernary and the highly trained Sith apprentice that he is. He favors esoteric, powerful weapons as well as his crimson lightsaber. Starr specializes in the Force powers of illusion, and made it a point to learn highly specialized Force attacks most enemies wouldn't know how to counter.


*Starr trailed Alys'Shera from a distance, ever watchful. It hadn't been too much trouble to find her, with the paper trail she'd left in Remnant dealings. Now if he could only catch her by herself, he could bring her back to his master.

Odd. The man she was with looked strangely familiar.*

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