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Yes, I have read about the myth. The errors weren't errors; they were explaining the differences between the Gargoyles altered mythology and the actual myth. (I did point out "According to the Gargoyles universe") There were two basic things altered:

A) Odin was a Fey, not a god, and the Aesir and Vanir were not the only 'higher powers'. They answered to Odin as in the myth but Odin ultimately answered to the Fey Lord Oberon (taken from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream).

B) Odin's eye was somehow taken from Mimir's well to Avalon, Oberon's home, where it was transformed into the jewel Eye of Odin. Because of this, the terms of exchange were considered expired, and Odin could rightfully take his eye back, which he did.

This needs to be tweaked if the Eye is to be used in the RPG, of course.

I specified the left eye simply because it was the left eye in Gargoyles. I was hazy on whether it was specified in the original myth (I only read abbreviations of it.)

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