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((OOS: This is LONG and INVOLVED, but tells how Irvine and Alys came to be........))

*Starr motioned to Alys, who had just woke up, and was clumsily walking down the ramp. Weriy, she looked around, and suddenly had notion.*

We're.... in a Super Star Destroyer............

Starr: Yes, the Titan, the flagship, now please, your....Emperor is expecting you.

8Alys rolled her eyes, and followed Starr.

The halllways where long, many officers passed them have BOTH her and Starr military saluttes..... odd, was she dreaming that these officers where treating her like real military? true, she thought, she was the most beautiful thing to come offa Corellia, but man.......

They finally made it to a large set of doors, which slid open with a hiss, and Starr Walked in, and took a knee. ALys did the same. She heard about stories where people where brought before the EMperor and killed because of lack of disrespect. she would NOT do that.

A Dark cloaked figure stood at the viewport. The Emperor*

Cracken: Rise, Starr, leave us. you have other duties to attend to.
*Starr nodded, and walked out. A cold silence went on for what seemed like hours. Cracken finally turned, and took his frist look in 20 years on Alys'Shera.

his First Born.*

Cracken: I'm sure your wondering why i had my apprentice come and fetch you.

Alys: It crossed my mind.

Cracken: I coulnd't trust anyone else. with the split in the Empire, the Seperatists will try to exploit my every weakness.

*What? weakness, a Sith Lord has a Weakness?*
Cracken: Yes, i do. not as many as i once had, and only two of the councel knows what i'm about to tell you. and my apprentice of course.

*Cracken stoped..... how exactly to tell her that she's the daugter of the son of the most evil man in the galaxy? Skywalker had some problems, he heard from Lord Vader.*

Craclen: How's your mother?

*Alys was stunned. My MOTHER!? she thought. how'd he know her MOTHER!? what in the.....*
Alys: My mother is fine. The loss of my step-father was hard, but she came out the other end.....barely.

Cracken: i know..... I'm sorry to hear that. Did she ever tell you who your father was?

ALys: A jedi raped her around 24 years ago.

Cracken:That's a lie.

*With that, Alys, infuriated that the Sih Lord would say such a thing, ran and attempted to hit him in the face, but came across a force field*

Cracken: Your mother was a beautiful woman, most likely still is. I was on Corellia purging the last remnants of teh Jedi in the Sector, with Lord Vader. he left to kill Jedi on the Rim, and I stayed to relax. We ran into eachother at a bar, herself actually about to pass out. I took her home, and made sure she was safe, and slept on the couch. She did not apparently like the silk bedsheets, as she had vomited on them.
*he smiled* She was so worried that the Royal guard would come and get her when she found out i was Palpatines son. *he shook his head* Then father tired to get me to join the councel, but i refused, and he relented, and let me live my life. for the most part.
We got married a few years later, and then you where born, a year later, your brother was born. Then father came after me himself, with Vader. I had to leave. That was 20 years ago. I heard later that she was so dirstrought with grief that she gave Irvine up for adoption, but kept you. we could never figure out why.

Anyway, i channeled mostof my dispare and rage against my father, and when he died, i tried to...well, you know the rest.

*Cracken looked at Alys, and let the Field he had up through the Force. he could sense that she felt several emotions. Rage, confusion, sadness, and a glint of pride in her new found liniage. He came over and slowly put his hadn on her shoulder*

Cracken: By the power invested in me through the Throne of the Empire, since your brother has shown no intrest, therefore declineing, i now pronounce you as Hier to the Throne of the Empire.
*Alys glared at him*
*With tah final outburst, she began to sob. She didn't know why, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Cracken, in a moment of guts, held his daughter.

and she hugged him.*

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