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Irvine: "I'll take care of my father."

*Irvine keeping tabs on his father, suddenly snaps around infront of the council...*

Irvine: "He didn't..."
Irvine both verbaly and through Force to his Father: " Keeping tabs on me father!? You relise your being a fool for letting her be heir, You of all people know that she's far too old to begin training! I'm at least lucky to even to have flet it, she's got no power, her mind is far too old to accept such! I know you hear me Father, You only let my rage burn hotter every second and with that I grow stronger... I can prove that I will become more powerful that you. YOU HEAR ME!"

Ivan, Ravan, and a few more council members: "What was that all about!"

Irvine: "Father just named the new heir to the throne, a sister i never knew i had. How interesting. she's hardly scensitive, I admit I wasn't too much more powerful then she is now, But from what I learned abut myself after the merge, my powers where only but sleeping." *in a cursing fassion* "I shall kill thee Father."

*Irvine grips his fists tight while sparks of force emit from them showing all to see his hatered.*
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