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*Taklin Flax back-peddeled. The two sabers connected again with a crack. Taklin brought his saber up in a high deflection, then down, sudenly he wipped it up. His aponent caught it on her own blade. Tak swung the silver weapon at her midsection, she simply parried, her golden blade crackled as it connected.

The woman vaulted over him, he barly turned in tim eto catch her downward slice.*

*The woman deactivated her saber.*

Sophae: You're getting rusty. *More of a tease than a real complaint.*

Taklin: Too much time on the capital, spending too much time with big wigs and not enough with you. *Tak cracked a smile.*

Sophae: Well you're hear now, and we're all alone.

Taklin: In the gym....

*Sophae sighed in vexation.*

.... with our quarters only two decks away.

*She smiled.*

*The Calamari Dreadnaught IndependanceII flew though hyperspace, bound for Aguma.*

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