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((OOS: Scar, there are seven Vanguards, not one))

Rwos: Deac, you arm's already...oh. *removes the gray bandage* I had a nanosealing bandage on it...must have blocked your body from recognizing it...

I've got some bacta patches you know where some kind of medical unit is located around here that I can take you to?

And...who was that man?


*A vote is taken*

Tres Kiernia: Then we are agreed?

Beron Ghenn: Now that those unpleasantries are out of the way...Farran Darkholme: What exactly can your "Vanguards" do?

Farran: I thought you'd never ask. *taps a few buttons* Gentlemen and ladies, I invite you to join me outside in the arena in ten minutes for a demonstration. We even have a few captured Jedi for the purpose...*holo images appear of several beings in Force-blocking cages. Farran smiles and exits the room*


*Kioet doesn't get a chance to answer before a couple stormtroopers enter*

Stormtrooper 1: What are you still doing in here?

*Nimalf hastily tries to think of an excuse and settles for pointing his blaster at Kioet* Just resecuring the prisoner. *slaps cuffs on Kioet's wrists* We'll be going now. *Nimalf affects a strut as he pushes Kioet down the ramp of the shuttle and out the hangar door. They take the nearest lift up, luckily needing no access card. Imps are really damn confident nowadays.

At the top, the two walk off into a hall. They duck hurridly into a room as they hear footsteps. Through the door's peephole, they observe several black-suited Vanguards walking by.

They were in a sort of changing room. There were two portable man-sized chambers in the room, each containing a black suit with colored insignias on them, like the men outside had been wearing.

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