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((@jokemaster: Huh? Your spy had you arrested and brought here? Also when has he been talking to you?))

*Nimalf struggles into the suit with Kioet's assistance* Jeez! You need super strength to get this on by yourself!

*the suit's joints clicked together, and its visor clicked down. The entire suit tightened to become more form-fitting. A set of messages appeared in front of the view of the visor, ending with Vanguard Systems Online*

Nimalf: Well then.*looks the suit over* Woo, fancy. *flexes arms* Whoa. Feels like I just got ten times stronger. *looks at the suit's arms, to see a bunch of buttons hidden on the gloves* No labels? What's all this crap do? *apparently in response to his query, a computerized scrolling menu appears in the right corner of the inside of the visor*

Teleport Lock/Unlock
Teleport Activate
Grapple Activate
Grapple Lock/Unlock
Jetpack Engage
Jetpack Disengage
Force Defense
Force Search/Lock
Target Search/Lock

*Nimalf stared at the partial menu list, eyes widening under the visors* Holy Sith. Teleport? Force? What is this thing?

*A voice came over the PA system into the room* All Vanguards, report to the Viper Arena combat-ready within five minutes.

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