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*Cracken strides into a sparring room. Sounds of lightsabers clashing can be heard as the doors open. He see's Alys flash infront of him for a few seconds, and dissapear. Suddenly, Starr was knocked over, with a lightsaber pointed at him.

She's progressing faster than ever.

Alys looked at her father, as he applauded*

Very good, Alys. Using your strengths to overcome his.
*She smiled, got up. She stuck her hand out to help Starr up, but he refused, and got up on his own.*

Alys: How am i doing?
Cracken: excellent. you training is coming along faster than i expected. now..... *cracken took of his cloak, and ignighted his lightfoil.* A test.

*Alys smiled, she always loved a challange. She took her stance, her purple lightfoil at the ready. they touched blades, and started fighting. At that moment, Tojo walked in, hurridly, only to be knocked over by something. He landed on his butt, confounded to what knocked him over. he looked aorund, and saw lightsaber trails, a red one, and a purple. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he could make out his EMperor barely warding off the attack from the girl.

Cracken himself couldn't believe how fast she really was. She came down with a downslash, and he barelly parried it, only to find her jabbing at him a second later. Fine. He knocked her back a bit, and stuck out his hand, and it began to glow, and a ball of Force energy came at Alys.

Alys was surprised, she never saw this from Starr, who had been training her for the most part. By the time her mind said RUN, it was too late, the all hit her, and knocked her across the room. She felt cold, lke a dark energy hit her. She looked and her father looked at her*

Cracken: That is how i use the Force, through the dark side, through agression and hate.
However...* He walked over to his cloak and oulled out a cube* You have to choose your own path. He came over and placed the cube in her hands* this is from teh Jedi Academy on Yavin. it's a holocron from Skywalker, which he recovered from teh Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Which ever path you choose, this is where your real training begins.

*he turned, picked up his cloak, and put it back on, and placed his lightfoil back on his cloak. He turned to Tojo*

Cracken: Are you all set with the Vengence?
Tojo: Yes my lord. she's a fine ship.
Cracken: good, deploy her on one of the boarder worlds, and take a task force of Star Destroyers too round out your fleet.
*Tojo Nodded and left. Cracken looked at Starr, Starr nodded, and Cracken made an exit. Alys looked at Starr*

Alys: Did you ever get a choice? whether to pick the dark side or light?

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