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*Starr wonders why Cracken had chosen to use the Force on the girl. He had struck strictly to sparring. Cracken had not intructed him to anything more.

Starr wondered about this girl. She took everything in stride, reminding him of her father. Like her father, too, she had a way of deceiving...rather lulling opponents into a false sene of security. That was something that aided her greatly in her saber training. Not to mention her preternatural speed...she was speaking to him.*

Starr: *curtly* No. Your father found me when I was a child. My parents abandoned me to die. I would have never chosen a path that would not please him.

Yet it pleases him now to give her a choice... What epiphany appeared to him while I was...dead? He still uses darkness. But he is not part of, not like before...


*Nimalf tries to stop Kioet, but the two get caught up in the body of other Vanguards heading towards the arena. He catches up with Kioet* Kioet! What are you doing, you moron?


*Farran speaks to the other Council members as they enter seats high above the arena* Don't worry, the Vanguard guards are just a precaution. *smiles* The Jedi will be quite occupied. *motions around, to the aliens filing in to fill the arena stands* Don't mind the locals. They're just here as part of the deal to let us borrow the arena...don't worry, they're quite as eager to see blood as I'm sure you are...and they very much hate the Jedi.

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