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Nimalf: Don't you think we should find out a bit more of this situation before doing anything like that? *pauses* Oh, forgive me, I forgot who I was talking to. *rolls eyes under visor, then notices one of the Vanguards - one with a red insignia rather than white - is looking at him*

Red Vanguard: Why do you two not have your weapons?

Nimalf: *gulps and doesn't say anything*

Red Vanguard: Is something wrong?

Nimalf: *trying to think* I...

*Nimalf was saved by the PA system. It blared* All Vanguards report to Arena entrance immediately.

Red Vanguard: Go arm yourselves. Consider this your warning. *walks off*

Nimalf: But...where's the weapons... *in response, a holographic map of the building layout appears in the visor, with a room highlighted in red* Ha! Excellent!

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