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Ah, thanks Rhett, of course:

The first hand eperiance is that whenever I have anything containing aspartame a have horrible headaches and whenever my fathers does, he practically passes out for a day.
I can use something with aspartame in it and nothing like that happens to me at all. So what do you make of that?

Of course if something in the product is causing headaches it could be a number of things.. caffiene for example, or you could be allergic to the food coloring or other ingredients. It wouldn't have to be aspartame. I just think people assume it's this big scary nasty thing because of the hub ub over saccharine (not all sweeteners are created equal after all.. they're different chemicals).

If you feel better not using aspartame, fine, don't use it, and good for you. But without proof, you can't go around saying it's poison and there's a conspiracy to drop it in our water supply or whatever it is those folks on those websites you provided were trying to prove. ; p

But your dad passes out for a day? Are you sure he isn't mixing it with something stronger?

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