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Well I got the game at 12:00 A.M. this afternoon, and five hours later, I've beaten it, my opinion of this game is that, it's a decent game, but not nearly as good as RS, I'll explain,

BfN has far larger landscapes than RS, but far less detailed, the same colour of green, is all the moutains and lands are made up of, it gets dull, the ships in BfN are nice looking same as RS, but the fighters from RS would wipe the floor with the ships from BfN, becuz in RS, they are faster, and more agile than the ones in BfN...

Now lacking popular SW characters, I found the game lacking in plot, so the plot is mild...

And over all, I'd say the guys at Factor five popped this game out same as JPB, not much time or detail was put into it, atleast not nearly as much time as was put into RS..

Ign gave BfN a higher score than RS, I feel it should have gotten a lower score, for RS is much better...

the space/orbit missions were cool... but hard, which I don't mind a challenge...

I say rent it before you buy it... unlike me *smacks self* Ouch!
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