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I have all silver and gold metals on this game now 4 gold and the rest silver, I've unlocked two secret levels, including the Coruscant level, which is'nt hard, but pretty sweet, but the only good thing out of it are the cluster missle bonus...

I'am working on gold now... but here are all the cheats I now:

TALKTOME: commentary from the crew that made BFN they talk for atleast five minutes through all the normal levels, it's pretty nice

Droideka: enhances shields...

RUAGIRL: turns all your ships pink...

and probably the most valuable of all..

PATHETIC: infinite lives

but don't think just cuz you have infinite lives that you get medals easy now, cuz you can die whenever, like you could in RS, they took precautions in this game,the amount of times you die, is still totaled up, and if you die say 30 times, it's say lives left: -30 and to get bronze, silver and gold, you need ethier one life, 2 lives, or all your lives left to get the medals....

oh and one more thing, There are special Platinum Medals, and are supposed to be hard to get, which Is probably why I don't have any yet, and they're supposed to include other bonus's with them...
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