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*Vidar stands angry with Aidan's comments, slams his fist on the table spliting it right down the middle*

Vidar: We will not stand for this. You will show him respect as long as you stay here. Further more if you don't believe us about Fenrir, we can bring you to him. You can see for yourself his evil and power as he tears into your flesh.

The choice each of you have is simple. Help us to set time sraight and in doing so save billions of lives, and avert the destruction of the galaxy. Or you can refuse where upon we will transport you to a world where you can wait for Fenrir to come and kill you.

*Turning to Aidan* You child have it worse off. Since I'm sure the Shadows are still very interested in you. It will probably be a race to see which one gets you first.

*speaking to everyone* Make no doubt with every passing moment Fenrir becomes stronger and more will fall before him. You must make your decsions now.

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