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*Svafa gives Deac a strange look. Wondering how intelligent he actually is*

Svafa: You make far to many assumptions Starkiller. That is very dangerous.

*Odin moves to the bridge on the Wild Huntsmans*

Odin: You may now begin.

Captain: Yes sir.

*The Wild Huntsman and the other ships line up on a vector, and speed up. On the Alaisiagae the navigator begins the count down sequance. At the end of the countdown the Frigate dropped out of hyperspace right under the Wild Huntsman. What proceed was an extermly dangerous manuever with the speeds that the ships were travelling. The Alaisiagae slows down matching speed with the Wild Huntsman, and begins to gain altitude. The tractorbeam operaters lock onto the frigate and guide it in. The frigate cuts power to its engines and the tractor beams keep the Alaisiagae in the appropiate position. Drawing the frigate in, to a docking port. A slight vibration was felt as the frigate docked to the Wild Huntsman. Once Docked all of the ships once again enter hyperspace. The dangerous part was this all happened while th ships were cloaked.*

Svafa: *taking note of the slight vibration* We have arrived If you will follow me, I will take you to Lord Odin.

*Odin goes to the council chambers and along with the other council members he awaits their guest. Svafa leads the group past the airlock and into the Wild Huntsman. Entering the Massive ship they pick up an escort of Einherjar. They walkdown corridors to the Council Chambers. The Einherjar take position along near the door, Svafa leads them into the Chambers. Were the Group meets the twelve leading Aesir. Svafa immediatly faces Odin, bows her head, and takes a knee. (The Aesir are sitting on a raised platform) *

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