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((OOS: Battledog, is Hal still with Deac? Or did he leave somewhere?))

Farran: Oh no, my friend. This is no dream. This is your cage.

As long as you are in this suit, you can't escape me, and my enemies can't kill you. For example, no signal can penetrate your suit to activate the detonator Irvine implanted in your body. On the flip side, you can't take the suit off, and I can take control of it any time I find it...necessary. As you can see, it's in your best interests to cooperate.


Rwos: *on the way to meet Odin* I believe the Aesirian technology was developed separately from that of the rest of the galaxy. That girl may or may not be right.

Ida: She has the arrogance of royalty. I take it the Aesir are the race this powerful ruler commands?

Rwos: I think she may be something close to royalty, and yes. Actually, all Aesir I've met have a similar attitude.

*the group enters Odin's chambers*

Ida: *seeing Svafa bow, but none of the other group imitating the gesture* Are you people on unfriendly terms with him or is it only customary for his subjects to bow?

Rwos: I don't know. I met him before I knew he was a ruler, so I've never done so. But I believe yes, we may be on unfriendly terms with him...or at least strained.

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