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*On the bridge of his starship, the figure orders his lietenant back to Coruscant. Above the central planet, he orders a broadcast*

????: Make sure it's on a subspace wavelength. I want him to recieve it.

????: People of Coruscant, I hold your world at ransome. Move any warship within firing range, and I will torch the planet. My demands are simple and clear: I want absolute leadership of the Seperatist Empire. You will begin negotiations immediatley or I will set your world aflame...


*Deac does not bow, but then suddenly shudders as his cyborg brain recieves the broadcast. His face fills with shock*

Lokpihet's alive.... Odin, he's at Coruscant.

*He turns to Svafa*

If you'd just let me get there I could have warned them. Now either a madman takes leadership of our enemy or several trillion people die. For isolationists you sure know how to mess up other people's affairs.

Odin, I thought after that mess with the Time Matrix you were going to leave the galaxy be. What gives?

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