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*Odin looks at Deac*

Odin: Yes, we know that he still lives. You really need to stop and think about things before rushing in, or at the very least pay attention. Svafa was bringing you to Coruscant all them time, however this ship is faster than the Frigate. We will arrive there sooner now. Secondly, you fail to consider options, you wanted to warn them, but you felt you had to do it in person. You never asked to use one of our comm units. You failed to think things through and this is the direct result.

Now your doing it again. What would happen if you did warn them? They would have put up a defense, and would have failed. Coruscant would then be held for ransom, or just destroyed out right because of Lokpihet anger.

From your past action Lokpihet probably expects you to rush right in unprepared. *Odin makes a hand motion and a holographic image of Lokpihet ship appears* You probably wouldn't even get into the ship. Now we can disable his primary weapon, and slip you into the ship. So which do you think is better, a head long rush that will fail, or a stealthy approach which stands far better chances.

*Odin then looks at Irvine again*

Odin: We shall see if what you say is true. But you haven't earned the right for us to answer any of your questions.

*Odin then looks at Rwos smirking in a way to suggest that he knows more then Rwos can imagine*

Freya: Deac you really must stop making assumptions. We are very happy with the incident concerning the Time Matrix. How quickly you forget what happened as a result. Because of that, Crackern made peace with the Republic and voluntarily destroyed the Crimson Star. You lost an enemy and gained an Ally because of that.

Ida, Rwos never stated anything of value about your precious blades. Although for a group that supposedly controls dimensional travel, you seem to have little control who crosses over.

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