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Irvine: "Don't mind me gobble up every bit of information of whats being thrown about. How ever I may butt in, but why would Sejiko take a name such as Darkholme? Farran would of course allied with him due to the fact the Farran seems to control the Vanguard. How ever I had noticed that Farran and Sejiko Darkholme's never been together... Perhaps their relationship is more like a Jekell and Hyde deal, but with out the competion over whom controled the body? Not only that, why would a 'Blade' want any business being a head of the Supreme Council of the Seperatists?"

*meanwhile back at the seperatist Council Chambers...*

Ivan: "That Deac Starkiller had me in his grasp. Frankly I was ready to die. I still wonder why I even asked for that Lightsaber. Funny too how Irvine wanted back so much..."

Ravan: "Well Ivan, I do hope your happy. Cus I was going to try to defend you too... By-the-way Lokpehit managed to live through that explosion and get to Coursant in well, less then a few hours. And transmit that he'll destory the planet..."

Ivan: "Cloned?"

Ravan: "Most likey. Just like Irvine when he was cloned, he's memory was transferred as well."

Ivan: "I remember. Thou, you think it was right to edit his records so that it seemed like he was really born then, not a few years earlier?"

Ravan: "Hardly... But still this place is in shambles. The Loyalist regeme wants us gone, A clone perhaps wants control of us, while he's threatening a planet owned by the republic!"

Ivan: "Yeah crazy isn't it?"
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