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((OOS: Admiral, Deac never stated what exactly Lokiphet had, or that it had a main weapon...thus the Aesir might be mistaken about the ship entirely))

*Farran inserts the holodisk into a projector. A hologram showing a blazing bright light emanating from two figures touching hands appears. The bright light obscures most of the detail, but the figures still look familiar. The two figures twist and seem to melt into each other. The light fades, leaving only one figure kneeling, with his face pointed towards the ground. The long white hair was unmistakeable*

Farran: Irvine...

*The figure stood up and spoke, in a low voice. Farran had to strain to hear most of it* "Ugh! Seems like the amount of power that the younger one wasn't released yet. It will grow in time while the power of the elder one is exercised, like teaching its former self how to be, it seems... Very well then, I guess I'll just conceal myself for the time being..."

*Another shuttle rises into view, cargo ramp open. Irvine Force jumps onto the ramp, and the shuttle takes off. After a moment, the recording cuts off*

Farran: Interesting....very interesting. *Farran replays the holodisk a couple times*

This creature could be extremely useful. He's certainly unique... adaptable, vicious, determined, a survivor. And yet apparently very little least in this sort of situation. He's also stupidly impulsive, and believes himself to be invincible, but with the technology I could supply him, he *would* come as close as he ever could to being just that.

Irvine and an older version of him, you say? *Farran feigns thinking something over* Kioet Csuhen, I have an offer for you. You work for me as a sort of...information gatherer. You will be well compensated, and supplied with everything necessary to accomplish your mission.

Your mission...I want you to find me Irvine Cracken.


Ida: *smiles* With all respect, I don't think you quite understand what we, the Blades are. Regardless of what you may have heard about us, we do not and cannot control dimensional travel.
What's this about a Time Matrix? The name sounds familiar...

*Rwos says nothing*

Irvine: Don't mind me gobble up every bit of information of what's being thrown about. How ever I may butt in, but why would Sejiko take a name such as Darkholme? Farran would of course allied with him due to the fact the Farran seems to control the Vanguard. How ever I had noticed that Farran and Sejiko Darkholme's never been together... Perhaps their relationship is more like a Jekyll and Hyde deal, but with out the competition over whom controlled the body? Not only that, why would a 'Blade' want any business being a head of the Supreme Council of the Separatists?

Ida: No offense to you, whoever you may be, but none of this is your affair.

*Rwos stares at Irvine* I do recognize him...but from where?

Deac: Odin, did you really think that I'd trust the Empire enough to use one of their comm units? Now it is you who does not think. Whatever Lokpihet's got- it's not something he can only use once.
I have to put the Republic's interests first, I'm not just a mercenary anymore. The Aesir are going to have to accept that they do not rule this galaxy.

Rwos: *aside to Deac* It could be a problem with my translator, but I think he was referring to one of these *shows Deac the comlink Odin had given him*

*to Odin* Where did you get the information on that ship? *motions to it* I could be mistaken, but those look like holo-plans, not a finished product.

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