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((Redwing: They may be mistaken, or are they just misleading the group. Very few things the Aesir do are straight forward especially when it concerns outsiders.))

Odin: Deac, have you listened to anything I have told you. I said one of Ours, not a com unit controld by the Empire. We don't rule this galaxy but we do protect it. You may put your pitful Republic's interest first. I put this galaxy's interest first. If not for us, this galaxy would only know pain and suffering. Far worst then you can imagine.

*Odin then looks at Ida, his face no longer has an amused expresion, but one of anger*

You child are lucky we tolerate your presence in this galaxy. Whether or not your blades control or try to police dimensional travel, is of little concern to us. Your business in this galaxy in another matter.

Rwos, we know this because we watch.

*Idun wishpering to Freya, not caring if she was heard or not*
Idun: They don't seem to catch onto things very quickly, especially that Irvine he is rather slow. Nor do they see the full scope of things.

Freya *wihpering back to Idun*: Living so short lives I doubt that they can even think in the terms we do. Even those two live relativly short lives. I do have to admit that Irvine is very slow.

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