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Irvine is anything but slow. he's jsut preoccupied at surpressing the output of his powers

*Irvine turns to ida.*

Irvine smirks and says: "Alright then. I'll just practice a little."

*Irvine walks away from the group, but not too far barely in sight. He then pulls out all four light sabers, and ignites them. He quickly suspends two in the air like some one where to hold them. With a little bit of consentration, he spars agenst his invisable opponent...*

Irvine: 'Yes, the midicholons are mostly active now. I feel my power surging through-out me. I feel great!'

*Irvine forces himself to a knee, noticing he unleashed too much power to be felt...*

Irvine: "Damnit, I blew it..."


*As soon as the small Aethersprite interceptor lands, the red haired Irvine on couresant, feels the instant growth a powerful entity, whom he'd didnt quite understand, due to the fact it was a prefect copy of him, exept was far more powerful. It scared him...*

Red haired Irvine: "Wow, what the hell is going on?!"

<oh look a new character!>: "Well kid, thats what I hoped didnt happen..."

RH Irvine: "Master Hobi qui chi! what brings you here?"

Chi: "To tell you about your brother..."

RH IRine looking out into the stars: "Brother?"

Chi: "In the accident when you were four, I found you and brought you to the temple. how ever I found out later, you where given a blood test to see how high your midichrolon lelve was and a memory copy, for annalisis. which both were used to clone you."

RH Irvine: "Clone me!?"

Chi: "You were supposedly dead to them, they too your dna and made a clone. He's not natualy as powerful as you..."

RH Irvine: "Bull ****! Cant you feel that power!?"

Chi: "Control your emotions Irvine. He was not raised by your father, as his son, he too was adopted. But he was granted to keep the name of Cracken..."

RH Irvine: "Go on..."

Chi: "He is however the adopted nephew of one Ivan Cracern."

Rh Irvine: "Yeah, that still doesn't explain why he's so powerful."

Chi: "Jedi you are. Theres seems there are still some things you have to learn. How ever, I dont have an answer for this one... This really baffles me..."
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