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Vidar: Watch your tone blade. As my father said, we tolerate your presence in this galaxy because you pose no threat to it. However, the latest two crossover do pose a threat, although a small one for the entire galaxy. If you are able to handle those two with out difficulty then your presence will continued to be tolerated. However should you fail then it will demonstrate that the blades cannot keep even the smallets of threats from crossing dimensions. Consequently all cross overs into this dimension constitute a possible threat to the entire galaxy. As such they will be eliminated. In other words your presence will no longer be tolerated.

If we stop tolerating your presence, then you will be given plain instructions. Which would be, Leave this dimension at once and never return. If you or anyone else does then you forfiet your lives.

Idun: It is imperative that you blades do not allow threats to cross over. Especially a large number of them. We do know that some will but when that happens you must stop the unsanctioned cross over within a reasonable time. Failure to do so would force us to take those drastic measures. Also Rwos, since you have shown that out of all of those here you are the most honorable, and even tempred. That device we have given you will guarentee your safe travel to this dimension no matter what. I warn you that it only applies to you and not to anyone else.

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