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[Ok, I think it's time to move onto Cantina 9. So here's the cliffhanger]

*Deac suddenly shakes his head*

Why am I so angry? I don't mean any of this...why do I feel this...rage.

Oh ****. I'm infected. I've got the Raging Death. I'm sorry...

*Deac runs to the nearest airlock and seals it behind him. Decompression begins.*

I'm sorry Rwos, but I don't want to infect you, and there's no cure yet. Tell them about it! And... farewell...friend.

*The outer Door opens behind him, flushing Deac out into space*


*Lokpihet sits in his command chair*

I'm bored waiting, Coruscant!

Begin arming the weapon...
Is this the End for Starkiller and Coruscant? To Be Continued...

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