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((After talking with Redwing, and reading his post. I think I'll end this thread. However I'll let Deac/Redwing start the next one))

Vidar: Good, then come with us.

*The group follows Vidar into a large hangar. A single ship sits there.*

Vidar: This is the Asgardried. The most powerful warship we have ever built. This ship has been equiped with all of our latest advances, and should provide ample protection.

Heimdall, I entrust this to you. *Vidar gives Heimdall the box that contains the Eye of Odin*

Heimdall: Thank you. I will take care of this.

Idun: I will accompany you on this quest. Vidar and Tyr must stay behind. Guy we have moved your ship into the Asgardried's hold. Let us begin.

Vidar: Good luck and have a safe journey

*The Group boards the Asgardried. It rises off the floor and rockets out of the hangar*

Heimdall: The Norn said we should begin at where the Einherjar ended. So let's go there.

*The Asgardried jumps into hyperspace. The quest for the Time Matrix had begun*

*Fenrir look up suddenly, blood drips from his jaws. He leaves the world he just devistated to look for another. His hunger had grown only blood would sastify it.*

Will the company succed in their search for the Time Matrix? What danger lie ahead to confront them? To be continued.....

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