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I have some "protocol" questions related to the Cantina Spinoff (Postlude to Holocaust). ^_^

First: Are we going to end the thread, and start a new one to make it a multiparter saga a la Cantina? If so, I think the time is almost right to do so. If not, disregard everything else

Second: I can end the thread (or Deac, or Admiral, or pretty much anyone with some direct control over the situation and doesn't create a really bad ending and get everybody mad ) but who will begin the new one?

Superthrawn by rights should. But superthrawn isn't here. Deac, do you want to? Or shall I? Or the person who ends the RPG? Or what?

All very unimportant *cough* questions that honestly don't matter all that much should be answered as quickly as possible due to their extreme importance!
(the above being a quote of my post from the RPG problems/discussion thread)

Okay, I wrote a recap (for any possible new players who don't want to read 16 pages) and posted the new thread.

Absolutely loathe anything I did (considering I wasn't the original topic-starter-person-thingy for this) and I'll be happy to change it.

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