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Heimdall: A long time ago, there was a man named Loki. He came to Asgard, and we welcomed him. In time he basically became one of us. However in reality he never was. He hated anything good, and despised anything that brought joy to people. Loki was evil, but he managed to hide it. One day in secrete he slipped into the Jotuns world and there found a mate that went by the name of Angrboda. Angrboda and Loki are the parents of Fenrir both evil, the father being the worst.

Fenrir has a brother and sister no less evil, and slightly less powerful. We found Fenrir and tried to make him good but to no avail. Each passing day he grew and became stronger and also more evil. When then bound him and brought him here where he was to wait until the end of time.

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