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*Guy looks at some of the bodies strewn about, and is suddenly hit with visions. He sees flashes of an enormous maw and huge, bloody teeth. He winces with the impact of the visions and staggers back*

*Aidan senses something behind him. He whips his head around, only to see nothing. He then senses something rushing around them, but looks around frantically to see nothing*

Evil is still alive and well here. We should not have come...

Marin: "Ten keys, seven gates"...look out for anything that resembles a gate.

Raschel: A man fathered something like...Fenrir? How is that possible?


*Footsteps sound in the hall behind the red haired Irvine. A man walks in the Council chamber, his boots disturbing the dust settled over the gray floor. With his style of dress and long flowing black coat he looks completely out of place in the ancient temple*

What are you doing here, Irvine? Why do you seek the guidance of the dead?

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