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Man: What are you doing here, Irvine? How do you hope to find guidance when you are blind to the galaxy around you? Look below you, Irvine...

*Outside the Jedi Council window, patrols of Imperial walkers can be seen making their rounds around the city below*


*A few parsecs outside of the Coruscant system, a strange looking recovery operation was taking place among the asteroid field newly created by the debris of the Crimson Star. A contigent of ships methodically scanned and mapped the area, nimbly darting among the asteroids like coral reef fish. Inside one of the larger ships a man dressed in a strange-looking black and gray uniform, with a chest insignia of an axe blade with a sword thrust through it walks up to a similarly dressed woman with an officer's insignia in front of a monitor*

Man: We found the teleporter core. *places a canister on the counter. Inside is a glowing dark blue orb with lighter blue cords of color twisting and running through it*

Woman: He is dead then.

Man: We think the safety mechanism either failed...or was deactivated by the holder.

Woman: From what I've read in Rwos' file, probably the latter...

Man: What do you make of this? This carnage?

Woman: I don't know...but I, and the High Council, intend to find out.


*The group passes a room*

Raschel: Is that the monitoring station? *looks half distastefully, half horrified at the dead body blocking half the door and pushes it aside*

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