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Heimdall: Now you begin to understand what we have kept contained. What you see before you is a twisted form of Ragnarok.

You will have to ask my brother Vidar whether or not Starkiller is involved with the Ragnarok that we are supposed to fight in.

*Entering the monitoring station, Heimdall goes to a terminal, and looks through the records. Finding the appropiate one he puts it up on the main monitor, and turns up the speakers*

Heimdall: This is what happened on that day.

*Heimdall hits the play button.

On the monitor it shows Fenrir bound in what looked like a silken chain. He was in a room that had four doors leading into it. His eyes seethed anger, and if you looked into them you could see pure evil staring back.

Without warning the fetters holding Fenrir broke. A warning siren sounded and 100 Einherjar rushed into the room. Twenty-Five entering through each of the four doors. Once in they surrounded the wolf, and The area was sealed. The Doors shut with a clang. Fenrir appeared to have smiled seeing the Warriors.

At once the brave warriors rushed the wolf, at first it seemed as Fenrir was succumbing to their attacks. However, he was just playing with them. He stood throwing off those that managed to get atop of him. He gripped one warrior in his gaping maw and tosses him into a group of Einherjar. Fenrir moved quickly, faster then any warrior has ever gone before. He took delight in ripping arms off, throwing men so hard against the wall that their bones shattered from the impact. The Einherjar made no sound during this masacre each wore a grim face. They never gave up even though they knew it was hopeless. Even the ones mortally wounded, those who were missing limbs still raised their weapons until their strenght finally left them. When Fenrir was finished with the warriors, blood dripped from the walls, bodies were ever where, limbs littered the floor detached from their owners. Fenrir's lower jaw dripped with the blood of the dead, during all of this he was not injured. He walks around the room picks a door and runs at it. Jumping upon the door he rips it off the wall.

On the other side he meets a contigent of Beserks.Facing them he give a blood curdling howl. He does the same to them as he did to the Einherjar. The Doors he encountered he would tear asunder sometimes biting through them. The Camerea tracked Fenrir through the station as he went to every corridor and room hunting down the last of the Beserks. Howling every once in a while.

The Camera then turns to the face of a beserk in the very room the group was in now.

Beserk: I'm sorry lord, we have failed you. Fenrir has broken our defenses. We are all that remain, I'm sending this to warn you and the galaxy of his escape. We will delay him as long as we can.

The Beserks leave the room to look for Fenrir. They did not have to look far he was in the corridor heading to them. Running he decapitates on of he beserks. Another bloody melee takes place. The warrior who spoke was the last one alive. Fenrir threw him at the door where he slumped. He tryed to raise his sword and gun in a last desperate attmept to do his duty. However his strenght had failed him. Fenrir approaches the beserk slowly. Stepping on his legs crushing them, trying to make the Beserk scream out in pain. Fenrir then proceeded to torture the dying warrior, ripping off limbs, and crushing bones. However, the Beserk never gave Fenrir the satisfaction of making a noise as he was tortured and when death came the only thing he did was smile. Fenrir let lose another howl, and with the last remaining person on the station dead, the wolf went to the hangar. Taking a supply ship he left. The recording then went through different corriodors showing the death and destruction, left in Fenrir's wake.*

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