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Idun: I'm thanking them for their sacrifice, and giving them my oath that their death will not be for nothing. I'm telling them that they did much more then their duty required, and that the Allfather would be proud of them. Finally I give them last rites and place a rune upon their foreheads.

The dead are not necessarily lifeless.

*Heimdall enters the chambers, smiling at what Marin and Aidan were talking about. He goes to the center of the room and picks up the silken chain that bound Fenrir. Torn it was still in large enoough pieces that it may prove useful.*

Heimdall: We are in luck Gleipnir, is still in long enough segments that me may use it later on.

*Going towards the childern, he hands them a small piece of the soft chain*

Heimdall: What do you think of this. The more you strain the stronger it becomes.

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