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Topshot:"He asked me if I knew you, or if I was a friend of yours. When I said I did know you, he took a table, bashed it against my head [table broke right away when it touched me, making me dizzy], then he took a chair, and that knocked me out cold."

Topshot:"My head is still here. His armor may give him enhanced strength, but I can hide my true power level, so as to make my strength less dangerous. I only show my true power level when there are more lives at stake than just mine."

Topshot:"Also, if I train harder, my power level can advance even higher than that of just about any kind of man-made weapon. His strength was only enough to knock me unconscious. He didn't do me any real harm. I was at half my true power that time."

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"
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