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((OOS: Syrnl has a crew on his ship, you know by the way, why exactly did Coruscant give permission for an Imperial Star Destroyer to land in a docking bay?

edit: nm))

Raschel: *to Orthos, staring grimly at the bodies littereed around the room* All this carnage...blood...death...I can't bring myself to imagine something could do this. Sure, I've seen death...plenty of death...but this...not like this. And the thing that did this is supposedly being unleashed on the galaxy at this very moment...and we're looking for something I'm not sure I believe exists...

Marin: Hey, I didn't notice that. There's runes all over this room... *takes out the key and keyholder* they look like the runes on this.

Guy: *comes up behind them, holding a shred of Gleipnir* Yes. They're in a pattern all over the room. In fact, you're stepping on one.

*Marin moves her foot. One of the runes is indeed there*

Aidan: ...Wait. Step on that again.

*Marin steps on the rune again with a questioning look, and one of the runes on the wall changes character*

Aidan: It's a puzzle.

*Aidan looks around the room, finds another rune on the floor, and steps on it. Another rune changes* I don't suppose you can read these, Aesir?

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