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Heimdall: The Blood and bodies hide many of the runes. My father had them inscribed when the station was first built. Currently the Runes read: Only the wise shall pass.

Obviously to gain...

*Heimdall is interupted by a booming voice*

Voice: Why do you disturbe the rest of the slain?

Idun: We seek a device to set right Gotterdammerung.

Voice: Long has what you seek been hidden and kept safe from fools. Only the wise will be allowed access to it. To proceed you must prove your wisdom.

Idun: How shall...

*At the far end of the room one of the few fully intact bodies begins to move. The body of the dead Einherjar stands*

Voice: To prove your wisdom you must answer seven questions. If you fail to answer a question correctly then you will lose your head.

Idun: What is the first question.

Voice: Ancient this universe is, much that once was known has long be forgotten. What is the name of the race that created the device you seek?

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