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e - cause ive never posted a topic starting with that letter.

mi5 survey - desperated attempt to get a topic going around here

heres a survey about your expectations/hopes of mi5. try not to fail it

1- will it b 1D, 2D, 3D?
i hope its 2D, but i think theyll make it 3D

2- will it have mouse?
hope so and think so

3- how long will it b?
i think it wont b as long as mi3 and 2, but longer than mi4

4- how good will it b?
i think theř're doing a good work, im hoping it will b the best

5- who will b in it?
most of the important dudes in emi will probably b in mi5

6- will there b new bad guys?
most likelly

7- will lechuck participate? wot will he look like?
i think and hope so, but i cant imagine him diferent than a pile of dust

8- will elaine participate? wot will she look like?
i think she will look just the same, but mayb shes pregnant...?
*murta arests me for plagiagism*
*murta hits a wall, and i escape*
k, mayb not

9- wot will gb look like?
he will have a beard!

10- who will make gb's voice?
no idea, but surelly wont b as good as ron's

any other questions r welcome


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