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Klai Finn appears in the door way, with both DL-44s in his holsters. He enters slowly, gives a suspicious look at the other patrons beneath his green lensed goggles.

He walks up to the bar, kicks a stool around 180 degees and sits down with the back to his stomach.

Setting blasters on counter for an annoying security droid tapping him, he decides to get a drink, "I'll have a Bantha Blaster. Don't skip out on the Rodian Gin."

Bartender gives him sizzling cup of green liquid that burns the skin upon contact and responds, "As law requires me to, I must admit that I am not responsible for any injuries caused from that drink to you. So don't get any ideas on suein' me for it, outlander!"

Klai smiles grimmly and sets a handful of chits on the counter, "Had no intention of doing so."

Klai turns to Jag and gives him a look, "You look beat. What's your story."

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