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If you look at the list of changes you'll notice that a lot of it actually says something like "changed to be like gecko". Its interesting that the guy behind chimera/eazel people/at least one moz person worked on safari though.

you've probably heard a variant of this story as well
In 1976 Nolan Bushnell hired Steve Jobs to create Breakout (yes, the Steve Jobs). Jobs of course has his pal Steve Wozniak help him out, but he screwed him over good. Steve Jobs got $5000 for creating Breakout, but he only paid Wozniak a pitiful $350 bucks, on top of that he took full credit for the game. It is worth mentioning that it only took them 5 days from start to finish to make the first Breakout machine.

I doubt the decision to go with khtml/kjs was steves by the way, probably the techs...

Misc Apple related comments aside...

Sadly I doubt the compiler included with scummbag if it is ever to be released will ever be anything more than an win32 centric gui based application writen in delphi. Ideally such a beast would be in ansi c or c++ so it would be easily portable across multiple archs and be under an open license like say the GPL. Then it could run on things like sparc which used to be the only platform the original compiler ran on
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