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"It's a personal mission. But I really need some back up. I plan on hitting Takara's stronghold on the world of Ord Katrassi." Klai explains, leaning over the table so only ckcsaber can hear.

"Only two people have ever been hostile in that place and survived. I was one of them. I was held in the prison cells, escaped and headed straight through the base. Managed to take out half the security detail and downed 4 nexus." Klai pauses to let this sink in, then continues.

"The other person is some Rebel Jedi named... Mara Jade?" He nods, "Yeah. She to was held in the prison cells and escaped. Only she took out a Rancor with her bare hands! My brother, Abron Mar, had captured her. That is my target. He has put a death sentance on my head of more money that even I possess! But don't even attempt catching me. I've worked for the Empire and Remnant for almost ten years and even had a run in with Boba Fett a while back and survived."

Klai looks around the bar as he downs the last of his drink. He turns back to ckcsaber and says," What do you say?"

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