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Pacing slowly into the bar Bastalek gazed back at the unconcious man being dragged out. "Funny, most drunks have to drink to pass out, that guy didn't even have the scent of beer on him." Bastalek chuckled to himself as he continued to a table near the wall of the cantina. Sitting down, Bastalek stretched his arms and back, as well as cracking his knuckles in a rather loud fashion. Taking a quick gaze around the room Bastalek couldn't help but chuckle to himself, "So many suckers and so little time."
Snaping his wrist adeck of ornate cards slid from Bastalek's sleeve to his hand. After tapping the deck against the table three times Bastalek said, "Sounds like fifty two" and began to shuffle. To the eyes of those around him, Bastalek's hands appeared to pass in and out of sight as he rearranged the deck. For a moment Bastalek raised his left hand and index to the bartender order a pint, while still shuffling with his right. After a moment Bastalek looked around and asked, "Anyone in the mood for a game of cards?"

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