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As far as i can remember, only the cloned Irvine was self centered. I haven't shown anything like that in the norm... Other then his resenting his own clone.

Next, If I can't have a character whom Isn't as powerful in nature as red's & admiral's, So I might as well make one that may not one of them, but pretty powerful neitherless... Call it something i thought of them doing in the first place, wasn't all that cool...

I'm not god moding. You are. And your the only one whom says I do...

As for Kur: I trying to have his personality to have some "I want to prove my worth" deal there...


Red: I didn't they have to leave the ship in order for them to destory the CSII? If they leave the ship, they'd wouldn't be under the cloak, then sensors would detect them... besides why would any of the docking bays be left open? and how'd they open? And not only that, How'd you know that the cloned Irvine programmed those doors to automatically close after he left (or was closing as he was leaving...).


Kur: lokpehits destoryer
Both Irvines (both alive peroid): On a habitable moon aroudn couresant
Ravan, Ivan & Marcus: in the separatist govermental planet
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