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[sarcasum]Oh I'm sorry battledog.[/sarcasum]
BUT I ALREADY THROUGH THIS BS WITH REDWING!!! If he hasn't done and said anything about it in thread. Don't worry about it.

Ever think about perhaps I'm waiting to put in the needed diologe and info sometime after? Thats what I did with when I orignally introduced Irvine...

Also however if we shouldall remember from c8, the Cloned Irvine's powers and abilities should come from the Elder Irvine when he was made to by Craynor. Which the Elder Irvine will learn in the postlude to Holocuast. Thats why he'd notice your assassin, because he'd already knew how to use his powers. Not only that, regaurdless of any ego he has. His temper, current state of emotional control and not to forget the "ego", was all calm. No matter how serious we was being at the time...

I also have weak characters. Notice Ivan and Marcus, whom aren't closely force sensetive. As for Ravan, he's hardly a 5000 on the midicholoron scale. :P

Kur, still a Jedi whom just got out of a secret training (hence no one heard of these guys) along with RH Irvine, thus meaning why they have simular Jedi names... Kur is not close as powerful as RH Irvine. But I had to make RH Irvine quite powerful for the currently cloned-fused form of Irvine should be (more possilbe plot lines I can bring about if people don't kill my characters in 1 post.)

As for which one is dead... Neither. Still you killed one of my characters in one post, which is agenst the rules of this RPG, and I will ignore it, until you fix it. If I did something wrong, redwing will always bring it up.


Next, If I can't have a character whom Isn't as powerful in nature as red's & admiral's, So I might as well make one that may not one of them, but pretty powerful neitherless... Call it something i thought of them doing in the first place, wasn't all that cool...))
Otherwise meaning, neither of you two won't allow me to control a character from those species even though you two clearly have characters which are either of yours. I feel kinda left out. So, if i come up with an Idea what some race of beings comes from another Dimention, I'd call myself a fool, cus that'd idea already been thought of. So I have to create someone whom I could possibly be powerful through some loop holes (in how the universe works in the rpg) what red gave here and there...


Heat sensors, Red. Heat sensors. If the whole thing has been cold of a while, anything other then just the droids running around where they are supposed to be, sensors would excuse them. BTW I never said that the defence mechisums knew how poerful they were, it was just refering if they were (Obi-wan and Qui-gon VS Droideka's in ep1)
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