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((@BD: Interesting - Flax actually hasn't used much power in-RPG the end of C4 (when following Deac, Syrnl and their doubles), and C5 (when killing Cracken [which was of course only temporary and probably not all that advisable, since it proved to be the key to Cracken gaining the CSI ])

Otherwise meaning, neither of you two won't allow me to control a character from those species even though you two clearly have characters which are either of yours. I feel kinda left out. So, if i come up with an Idea what some race of beings comes from another Dimention, I'd call myself a fool, cus that'd idea already been thought of. So I have to create someone whom I could possibly be powerful through some loop holes (in how the universe works in the rpg) what red gave here and there...

The only thing I understand is that you're upset we won't let you use things like the Aeges and the Aesir for your plotlines. Well, the reason is that all the scenarios you tried to create were appallingly out of character. It happens. When finalizing the PtH scenario, my suggested version had the Aesir acting completely out of character; and Admiral of course shot it down. It. Happens.

If you make a character simply to muck everything up and change everything everyone else said, sorry won't work. If I used say, Craynor, to do something like nuke everyone else's characters, it would be godmode. Even though it might, possibly, be justifiable considering the character's stated power. It still wouldn't be allowed.

What loopholes in the way the universe works?

Heat sensors, Red. Heat sensors. If the whole thing has been cold of a while, anything other then just the droids running around where they are supposed to be, sensors would excuse them. BTW I never said that the defence mechisums knew how poerful they were, it was just refering if they were (Obi-wan and Qui-gon VS Droideka's in ep1)
Read up on cloaking devices. Yes, they mask heat too. (If they didn't, what on earth is the point of them anyway?) Think about it. Space is infinitely cold. No heat can exist at all in it. Thus a cloaking device, to work in space, would have to cloak heat signatures.

Besides, droids do generate heat. They can't just run on coldness.

In interest of moving on, I'll just ignore the part where you said the ship was detected and continue, since you don't have an explanation (if you do, I'll edit)

@R15: I assume that was the injured Irvine))

*Farran watches Kioet on a holocam held by a tiny droid. From the angle he can see a hole in Irvine's chest* Interesting...seems like Irvine Cracken has more enemies than we thought.


Rwos: *sighs* Until Odin decides to tell me why this might be disastrous, he may as well refrain from telling me, since without a reason I have no way of stopping it. And no, I don't want your help, in fact just stick to your watching. You're doing great, really, great.

*Something tingles in the back of Rwos head. He ducks, barely avoiding a blast of energy ripping through the air above. The blast impacts a tree, but instead of the energy being absorbed, it expands with amazing rapidity and envelops the whole area, blanketing the two with purplish energy. The tree leaves tremble in its wake. Rwos feels himself begin to stiffen up and become sleepy*

Rwos: *in realization*

*Rwos and the Valkyrie fall*


*Ida looks up to see a ship coming towards her at a high speed. She squints*

That's Rwos' fighter...

*The fighter circles and lands in front of her, right in the middle of the deserted street. As she walks up to it, it opens, revealing Deac*

Oh my...he was right. Wow.

*A recorded message begins to play*

Rwos' voice: Ida. The Shadows are here. Get Deac to a hospital as fast as you can and come to the planet coordinates I have put in. This is very serious.

There's a Gallyava ship here, Ida. Crashed. And the Shadows have found it.


*Cracken and Alys sprint off in opposite directions, using Force speed to move faster than the droids could target. They disappear into the ventilation systems. Starr pulls out and unfolds the rack-like missile launcher he keeps around his chest, and a very long blaster.

Starr: Stupid droids...if only you could understand me, you'd know that you're about to be reduced to chunks of metal in about three seconds.

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