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*The Valkyrie ignores Rwos as she looks down at her wrist com. A lone word flashed Incoming. She looks up just as the shot passes Rwos. Quickly pressing an emergancy button, she is knocked down by the blast*

*Two Valkyries on speeders swoop down from the trees racing towards the position of their comrade and Rwos. Arriving at the clearing, they stop when they are right upon the Rwos and the Valkyrie. Reaching down they grab them and sling them across the speeders. In a second they were off again going at full speed.

At that speed it only took them a couple of minutes to reach the outpost. As soon as they entered a hanger, huge blast doors closed with an echoing clang.

Rwos was taken to a room to recover, the Valkyrie was conscious and sustained no injuries. She did have a headache though. She went with Rwos and sat beside his bed waiting for him to get up. Besides Rwos's bed was a message from Odin*

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